Zero Sum is finished

We have recently finished our short film Zero Sum and it is now being submitted to film festivals around the world.

Set on a spaceship orbiting an alien world, Zero Sum tells the story of Ruth Sharman (Aimee-Ffion Edwards) who wakes from a deep sleep to a discovery that will force her to make an impossible choice. Also featuring Phil Davis as Neumann, Zero Sum is a science-fiction story, Long Arm style.

Post-production sound mixing and colour grading was completed at Halo Post in London's Soho and its stunning visual effects are the work of the immensely talented Al Tabrett. Composer Andrew Fisher has delivered a delicate, unnerving and huge effective score and DP' Paul Dudbridge's photography gives the film a claustrophobia that makes Ruth's struggle seem all the more desperate. 

Zero Sum will not be available to watch online anytime soon but we will keep updating our website and Facebook page with notices of screenings at festivals.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us deliver our most challenging and ambitious project to date and particular thanks to Film Cymru Wales, BFI.NETWORK and Edicis for their co-funding and support. 

Below is an exclusive still taken from the final film.  

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