Director of Photography  Chris Lang
Acting coach Tom Walker
First AC Lewis Gillingham
Second AC Alex Gully
Ist AD Yaz Weston
Sound Lucy Jackson
Editor Dan Broughton
Hair and makeup Sarah Martell Astley
Assistant hair and makeup   Steph Armer
Wardrobe Sara Turner
Marketing Nat Hudson
2nd AD Rupert Waring
Location Services Lel Davies
Unit Stills Lewis Gillingham
Catering Paul Morgan Russell
Catering supplier Adam Gaida
Live music engineer Mark Clements
Runner Joanna Perrin
Post Production Sound Tony Hobden

Briony Barnett

Matt Harding

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Executive Producers
Bob Benton
Andy Brunskill
Alexia Parmentier
Max Parmentier
Caroline Bojou
Amanda Murphy

Senior Producer for Long Arm Films
Ross Bliss

Produced, written and directed by
Jim Gillingham and Jimmy Hay

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