Unless otherwise stated, all the films below are written and directed by James Gillingham and Jimmy Hay.

Ex Libris (2014)

A woman called Iris meets a man called Thomas in the basement of a library. They begin a relationship. But something is wrong. 

By turns dark and strange Ex Libris stars Robert Pugh (Game of Thrones, Master and Commander and Robin Hood) and Melanie Walters (Gavin and Stacey, Submarine, Stella) and is written and directed by Jim and Jimmy. Click here to watch Ex Libris with French subtitles. 


The Sound of Silence (2014).

Produced by Long Arm Films, this short stars Keiron Self (My Family) and Lynne Seymour (Human Traffic) and is written and directed by Chris Lang (DOP on High Tide).

Stuart and Kate (2012)

This short film tells the story of Stuart and his love for Kate. Kate is everything Stuart wants from a girlfriend: she is sexy, funny and smart. She tells him when he’s being annoying and she even enjoys his cooking.

Yes indeed, Kate is brilliant. Kate is a keeper. Heck, Kate is pretty much perfect.

Except for one small problem . . .

Written and directed by James Gillingham and Jimmy Hay, the film features Tom Walker and Gerardine Coyne and original music by Al Boley. Click here to watch the film with French subtitles.

Up To Me (2012)

The original song for Stuart and Kate was written and recorded by Al Boley. You can see us in the studio here:

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