This page contains various odds and ends that may be of interest to a few. Some of this stuff we are very proud of, some of it is just plain odd. But you are welcome to peruse what is here

Up To Me (2012)

The original song for Stuart and Kate was written and recorded by Al Boley. You can see us in the studio here:

 Jesse (2011)

JESSE was our entry for a sixty second film competition that folded before any prizes were awarded.  So we are left with it.

The actor is Rupert Waring.

A Thousand Times (2011)

Our friend and composer Andrew Fisher plays his piece “A THOUSAND TIMES” in his studio in Southampton, UK. This is an extract of a longer interview that we may get around to editing at some point.

The huge amount of equipment in the room made the image strobe but it is still an excellent performance.

Headspace voiceover (2012)

HEADSPACE VOICEOVER was a sketchy idea for the opening of a film. The idea never made it further than this stage. Apologies for the predominance of Jim’s face.

One of the two was saved (2012)

This is what happens when Jimmy is out of the room. Part nightmare, part nonsense, “One of the two was saved” features the ever-gorgeous Rupert Waring.

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