Filming Ex Libris and The Sound of Silence

Long Arm Films has had a busy weekend shooting two short films. The first, written and directed Jimmy and me is called Ex Libris and stars the wonderful Robert Pugh and Melanie Walters. The second, called The Sound of Silence, is written and directed by High Tide DOP Chris Lang and stars Keiron Self and Lynne Seymour. It is produced by Jimmy and me.

The Long Arm crew was split over the two shoots and we welcomed several new members to the team. Both films wrapped (relatively) on time and we look forward to showing you the results in due course. 

I will most likely write a blog post about the shoots in the coming days but in the meantime please enjoy this exclusive still from the Ex Libris rushes. 

Robert Pugh as Thomas and Melanie Walters as Iris in Long Arm Films' Ex Libris. 

Robert Pugh as Thomas and Melanie Walters as Iris in Long Arm Films' Ex Libris. 

James' blog - recent updates

I still continue to write my blog which may be of interest to some. It is not hosted on the Long Arm site for fear of my views becoming confused with those of the company.

However, please feel free to peruse if you have a few spare minutes. Recent posts have included:

The worst line of dialogue I have written. 

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Long Arm's second feature film is announced (and then called off).

I do my best to put the High Tide shoot into some sort of context.




I experiment with hats.

I experiment with hats.

New Long Arm website

After floundering somewhere near the bottom of the website design barrel for sometime, we are delighted to reveal our new site to the world. It has been designed using the superb Squarespace service and we hope it will grow and become ever more gorgeous as the months pass. 

The wonderful photography that you can see throughout the site is the work of the absurdly talented Lewis Gillingham, who worked as assistant DOP on the shoot for our feature film High Tide. The fact the site looks as good as it does is largely down to him.  

If you click on his name at the bottom of each page you can access his Flickr portfolio.  


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