Interview with High tide writer / directors Jimmy Hay and James Gillingham

p/w - talkingjims

The Complete Daily Update Videos

p/w - talkingonset

Party scene extended cuts: "Maps"

p/w - pastahistory

Party Scene Extended Cuts: "Porn Beads"(adult content)

p/w - sundoesntshine

Party Scene extended cuts: "Tea Rostra"

p/w - maxonfire

Party Scene extended cuts: "You're Fucked" (very strong language)

p/w - swearingbench

Party Scene Extended Cuts: "Smokers"

p/w - roundtheback

Party Scene Extended Cuts - "The Leftovers"

p/w - partychat

Circe's Diner at the High Tide Premiere

p/w - circeandchips

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